Pattern design


The internal modeling office is able to respond promptly to the needs of our customers.

We deal with the creation of models, development and placement using software with optimization of dimensions and scraps, giving reports on consumption and placements for each model.

Automatic cutting

Spreading and cutting

We are equipped with a 16-meter cutting table with spreader and automatic cutting in order to minimize waste and material consumption, investing in the quality of the cut. Furthermore, our cutting has the possibility to modify the placements during the work phase according to the different needs by removing, inserting or modifying pieces, choosing the different cutting strategies and therefore optimizing times and costs. Models and cutting office work with close synergy and collaboration to always give a high level service.
Finally we have the possibility of manual drafting, in the presence of materials with placed prints or lines.

Expert and competent hands

Packaging, ironing and testing

We deal directly with the internal production of garments using a well-equipped machinery park equipped with the most modern production systems capable of guaranteeing high quality and at the same time the industrialization of the product managed by expert and competent hands. We are equipped with numerous overlock machines, linear, two needles, three needles, 4 needles, and others with particular stitches. Finally we iron and test with packing and final control of the garments inside.

Special processing

Bonding, laser cutting and tape

A few years ago we have introduced bonding service through two machines. On the one hand, the laser cutting that allows us to cut details and applications of various kinds and colors, even logos, on specific customer files, on the other hand, we use a “carousel” press for their application on the fabric (from patches, rhinestone papers, logo, zips). We are also equipped with a machine for taping large panel surfaces (for example for packages, price lists, strips).

Suggestions and advice

Fabrics Research and samples

We have showrooms with different historical models made for different customers to be able to view and furthermore, thanks to different trade fairs we can offer large fabrics proposals, being equipped with color charts that can be viewed and evaluated on the basis of what is researched.

Accessory Services

We take care of all those accessory processes, such as embroidery, prints, rhinestone applications, washing and dyeing, through trusted external collaborations.