Who we are

Our history

Our company was born thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Mrs. Bruna who in 1982 began her adventure starting from knitting and succeeding in a few years to grow from a room in her home to the creation of a well-structured and modern laboratory with several collaborators.

Niki Confezioni, mainly oriented to knitting, in the early 90s quickly became a company specializing in the manufacture of cut knitwear (specifically fabric), alongside any other products and processes in the following years.

Niki confezioni Granella di Tezze sul Brenta
Patterns on drawing

Modeling and
Prototyping Service

Servizio modellistico e prototipia
Tips and suggestions

Continuous collaboration with the customer

Collaborazione continuativa
From packaging to delivery

Production of
full cycle garments

Produzione a ciclo completo
Quality and refinement

A constant growth

The company gradually develops, constantly increasing its growth, so as known in the fashion market for quality and well refinement garments.

The experience gained then allows us to orient ourselves in the processing of different fabrics, from light (silks, jersey) to heavy (sweatshirts, fleece, boiled wool), firm and stretch, meeting the needs of the markets and new customers, making different kind of models, from polo shirts, to jersey shirts, to unstructured jackets and trousers mainly for the sportswear world.

Logo niki Confezioni Tezze sul Brenta VI bianco

A modern, efficient
and automated company

a "complete processing" cycle service

The needs of the market and the increasingly pressing requests for special processing by customers, lead Niki confezioni to equip itself with an increasingly modern, efficient and automated machinery fleet, thus allowing it to respond to the most different needs. In recent years, the company has started collaborations in the world of clothing for children, dogs and lampshades.

What you can find at Niki Confezioni is the so-called “complete processing cycle” service: from the study of the model and creation of the prototype, to the cutting and packaging of samples and production, up to the ironing, packaging, control of the garments and delivery of the finished goods.

The most diverse needs of customers are managed, also through collaboration with trusted external suppliers who deal with specific phases such as embroidery, printing, the application of rhinestones and studs, dyeing, and various washes.

Furthermore, Niki Confezioni proposes itself as a partner able to satisfy and leed the customer at 360 ° by giving numerous services (also through external collaborations) and above all by guaranteeing quality, professionalism and commitment along all stages of production, following the different situations, from supply of the fabric, from modeling to delivery of the finished garment.

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